5 exercises against the flu

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With these climate changes it is normal for people to get sick with the flu or cold; conditions that take away energy; however, there are some exercises against the flu that help to recover health in a short time.

According to information published in The Huffington Post, these exercises against the flu fill you with energy, stimulate the production of endorphins and reduce the stress caused by the disease.

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If you only have sneezing, a cut body and a stuffy nose, these exercises are ideal to recover your health and return to your daily activities.

Get active and say goodbye to germs!

Walk If you do not feel physically fit, try to get out in the street and take a 20-minute walk. This will help you decongest your nose and improve your mood. Trot. This activity is a natural decongestant and clears your mind. With this you will forget the discomforts and enjoy the air in your path. Qi Gong It is about slow and conscious movements. It is a mixture of martial arts and meditation. It is very useful to reduce stress, anxiety and improve blood flow and increase energy. Yoga. Strengthen your immune system In addition, stretching relieves pain and discomfort related to colds and respiratory infections. Focus your attention on healing postures. Dance By taking a zumba class or simply moving your body to the rhythm of the music you will reduce stress and favor the development of antibodies to fight the flu germs.

Another type of exercises that help you reduce flu symptoms such as nasal congestion is cycling or swimming; however, before practicing, consult with your doctor.

Remember to respect your doctor's instructions, drink fluids to prevent dehydration and eat a balanced diet rich in vitamin C. And you, how do you take care of your body during a flu?


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